Lower Providence Historical Society

Lower Providence Historical Society


Dear Members and Perspective Members,

The officers of the Lower Providence Historical Society hope that 2018 will be a happy and productive one. We are looking forward to another year of meetings, speakers, renovations, gardening, fund raising events, refreshments and stimulating conversations with our members and perspective members.

Attend a meeting and join the conversation. Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. Please note: no meetings in January, February, and July.


Below you will find a listing of meeting dates for 2018. Dates and events may be subject to changes. Feel free to check our website periodically for any changes and details for upcoming events.

March 21-Board meeting      April 11-board / member meeting / speaker

May 12-House and grounds clean up day      June 13-board/member meeting and picnic
August 15-Board and planning meeting      September 12-Board/member and speaker
October 17-board/member meeting      November 14 Board/member and election
December 12-Board/member and Holiday party

Date for Chadwick's Breakfast Fundraiser - TBD


As a non-profit organization, we depend on contributions and volunteers to fulfill our mission of preserving the history of Lower Providence and the Casselberry House. We thank you in advance for your generous contribution.

Kindly complete the enclosed contribution form, make checks payable to Lower Providence Historical Society and mail to Terence Walsh, Treasurer, at 275 Evansburg Road Collegeville, Pa 19426.

Again, thank you for your support and we hope that you will support the Lower Providence Historical Society this year and years to come. We look forward to another exciting year! We hope you will join us!

Sincerely yours,

Doug Hager, President

Dot Opperman, Secretary

Tim O' Connell, Vice President

Terry Walsh, Treasurer

2017 Dues Form


Lower Providence Historical Society

Membership form

Thank you!!

Your support is greatly appreciated. All proceeds from contributions and special events go directly to the

preservation and restoration of the Casselberry House.

Make checks payable to Lower Providence Historical Society. Return to address below. Thank You.

Membership Contributor

_____ Individual -$30 _____ Patron -$100

_____ Family -$40 _____ Supporter -$200

_____ Benefactor -$300

Name ______________________________________

Address ____________________________________


Telephone __________________________________

E-Mail ______________________________________

Provide e-mail address if you would like us to send you notification of events and newsletters.

Mary Grace Walsh, Membership

Terry Walsh, Treasurer

275 Evansburg Rd.

Collegeville, PA 19426


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